Monday, September 13, 2010

Setting Spiritual And Leisure Goals

 There's a lull between this and my last post, due to a minor family emergency that took me away from home for over a week. If you are following along at home, you know that I am currently setting my personal goals on my blog.
I am doing this, not because I love to share my personal life, but because I wanted to make myself accountable. By stating in my blog that I am going to do this, I am setting myself up to succeed!
After writing about setting goals and Goal Setting Tips, I realized that I was having trouble putting my own goals down on paper. So, in order to motivate myself, I decided to post them. Today, I am working on my spiritual and leisure time goals.
Remember that your goals have to be taken in small steps in order to reach a larger goal and dream.

II. My Spiritual Life
  • I want to become closer with God
    • I will do my best to attend church every Sunday.
    • I will read my bible daily.
    • I will pray daily.
    • I will give God credit for every blessing in my life.
III. My Leisure Time
  • I want to take better advantage of the amount of leisure time I have between migraines.
    • I will keep a consistent bed time.
    • I will not go to bed just because I am bored.
    • I will spend more time with my family.
    • I will spend more time outdoors.
    • I will spend time each week to pursue my hobbies.
      • I will use more time to prepare timely blog posts.
  • I want to get into better shape and be healthier.
    • I will exercise at least 3 times a week.
    • I will change my diet and eat better.
      • I will maintain a low carbohydrate diet.
      • I will eat fewer sweets.
      • I will eat smaller portions.
    • I will lose 25 pounds by implementing the above changes.

I don't know that this is the perfect outline for my goals. After letting this sit for a week, I am having a mental block. I hope that, this in some way, inspires your to create a statement of your goals. Take time to ask yourself, "What are my spiritual and leisure goals?"
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