Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Call It A Headache

There are many reasons to not call your migraine a simple headache. Not the least of which is the disservice that you do to yourself. Most people have had a headache at some time in their life, but only about 10% of the US population have migraines. Anyone who hasn't had a migraine cannot really know that type of pain, just as those who haven't given birth cannot know the pain of childbirth. I am not saying that these two different types of pain are equal, as I cannot give birth (being a dude and all) and cannot know that pain.

There are so many different types of migraine and headache that it is very easy to refer to them all as headaches or migraines. A continuous headache, or Cranium Continua, is often referred to as migraine. Although, in reality, it is not an actual migraine, many people with this disease also have migraines.

As an invisible illness, people can't see or know your pain. But you know your pain. If you have migraines, refer to them as such. If you are only having a headache, then a headache it is. If it is a migraine don't let others think you are having a simple headache, and thus treat you like someone having a normal headache.

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