Monday, November 14, 2011

Migraine And Living A Life

 Having a real life (and not a maybe or abbreviated life) can be difficult even without having migraine disease. It may seem that life and the world around us is passing us by. We get knocked down, and when we are able to get back up, our family and friends have moved on to another calendar day and other activities. It's hard not to stay depressed and question ourselves. Here are a few ideas for helping you lead a life, even if you have an invisible illness. The ideas I gave in my last article, "Migraine And Work", can help with living a better life as well as work and should be looked at for more ideas.

  • Do all that you can to find a treatment plan that works for you and stick with it. Even if this plan does not keep you migraine free, finding a way to decrease or lessen them is a must.
  •  Make your plans so that you are more likely to be able to finish them. And work up in scale, over time, as much as possible. Making plans for outings with others can be a crap shoot. Do what you can, when you can and branch out to bigger plans.
  • Take medicine and treatments that help you to live more thoroughly. Sometimes treatments may be set aside even though they work, simply due the cost or time it takes for these treatments. Even if you have to decrease the number of visits, put them into your management regiment. Getting some help, even some of the time can give you some time to feel more healthy.
  • Teach your family and friends about your suffering and provide ways that they can help you. They need to know when to rush in, and when to leave you alone. Sometimes the best thing they can do for you is to let you crawl into your cave.
  •  Let others know about food allergies or triggers. Teach them about other triggers that can cause you trouble. Discuss the disease with them and help them to understand that your inability to make it to many functions, is not a slight to them.
  • Act in accordance with given prescriptions, treatments and any triggers that affect you. If you do not take these seriously or act nonchalant about missing medicines or being around  these triggers, it makes it difficult for those around you to take these things seriously as well. I have a hard time staying away from several foods and will sometimes have them when having a migraine. I tell others that if I already have the migraine,  that food can't trigger a migraine. This is not a good practice for any of us. 

You have a life to live. Taking care of yourself so that you can live and work are important. Don't give up. You are not alone.