Friday, November 11, 2011

Migraine And Work

Migraine and work rarely go together. Working with migraine on a daily basis, is hard on a migraineur. We work so hard to balance our sanity, our jobs and our life at home . Here are some ways that aid in keeping your job. This list is not all inclusive. They are just the beginning in 'working' with your invisible illness.

  •  Contact your HR department and do what you must to get FMLA.  In case you have to stay out of work for any length of time. FMLA is also good for your significant other to have set up in order to help take care of you when needed.
  •  While working with HR have them document that you have a handicap. That you have special needs from your employer. Migraines do count as a handicap!
  • Discuss with your superiors the possibilities available for accommodating your illness. Such as a flexible schedule, working from home, or even a change in work environment.

Doing these three things helped me extend my ability to keep my job and be able to work, until the migraines got so bad (daily) that I had to go on long term disability and eventually social security. At one point I was able to keep up 40-50 hours a week using a flexible schedule. But the monster finally caught up with me.

My next two posts will offer advice on balancing life and sanity with migraine.