Friday, August 7, 2009



It isn't hard to remember how great a vacation can be. Sun and sand, cookouts and picnics, family and fun. These are all nice times, that I sometimes miss because I don't feel good enough to participate.

It is impossible to plan a vacation from a chronic illness. It can hit without warning and then leaves the same way. If I tried to plan a real vacation around a vacation from my illness, it obviously would never happen. There are times I question if I should even be allowed a vacation, since I'm not working a regular nine to five job.

Everyone needs a vacation! A break from the norm. Even If I don't feel like I deserve one, the rest of my family, surely does. My wife especially needs to get away from work and home, to get some well deserved rest.

My family is leaving on vacation tomorrow morning. I am going with them. I am going, no matter how I feel. I will suffer in the car if I have to. If need be, I will find a place to lie down and confront my migraine where ever I am. I will try my very hardest to participate with everyone else and have a good time. Everyone deserves a vacation!

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